Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/11/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

January 11, 1909

My Dear Boy,

…In regard to me holding my temper when Mr. O'Herin comes around when late. It is just his way. He don't mean anything by it. He is just over anxious about the runs and especialy since he was hurt at that wreck. It seems it as deranged his nervous system. We all think the world of him and I believe he does the same of us.

The morning you refer to there was some ice on engine steps and when I was about to get on engine he says (after jacking me up) be careful and not hurt yourself on that ice. Of course I can not retaliate with the same ease and ability as you can because I have not got as much Irish or Mama in me. I know now that you take after her.

I certainly would have liked to hear you roast that 2x4 Proff and I would suggest you follow him up and make him back up for his insolence to you. You see what Dr. Mall says about it.

I have been looking at Sears and Roebuck catalogue in regard to repairs to watches and they seem to do work much cheaper than others. They claim they will advise you if it is worth repairing and its cost and hold it waiting your instructions. If you concluded it was not worth fixing, I would have them put me some good works in the case and send it to Sedalia and I would send yours to you or you could have it come to you as you think best. The works in your watch that you have now is not worth over $4 new. Your case should be good as they are guaranteed. So you can use your own judgment about it. I can get works like the one in your watch that I have now for about $24. I think you would feel humilated wearing an Ingersole and I think you deserve one of the best in the world for being valedectorian in Sedalia and I think you have one here and all you have to do to get it is ask for it and let me get another so do just as you think best. I have the money for a new one if you think best.

You want to know if I am going to quit this coming June. I refer you to the Boss. She has arrived at the conclusion that we stay here till you graduate.…

Your affectionate Father