Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/06/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

January 6, 1909

My Dear Boy,

…Read your letter and glad you had good Christmas and liked the wine, as I think I done most work on it but Mama as usual gets the credit for all good things.

I did not get very much information on the lecture on the embryo. Theirfore you can't expect much railroad news from me today as I am sleepy and mean today on account of hard trip in a good old blisard with poor coal to do the work with lost time both ways. When we got in Parsons, the officials O'Herin, etc. was after us like blood hounds would be after murders. We lost 22 minutes on run from Nevada. She could not get in siding for freight train car broke down on freight train at St. Paul. We had to go through side track. Coming back had strong cold wind, lost 15 minutes on run. The trip before had nice easy runs, made up 25 minutes. It was as nice a run as when you was on.

I hope you will go and see Taft inaguarated.

Well we have not sold the house yet but think we will after payday. I will try and sell 15th also. Then we will not have any entangling alliances to hold us here. I am beginning to think we have worked about long enough. And feel certain that you will soon be able to make good and have lots to spare. Consequently no use to work.…

Your affectionate Father