Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/06/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. January 6, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Somebody stole 3 or 4 of my chickens this Xmas. They took the nice little black hen, a mate to the little white one that layed so early.… I sold six old ones and the rooster and have only 15 now and we are trying to keep them in our own yard.

Winner is working out in the shops sharpening saws. $60.00 per month.

We just got our new phone in today.… Don't have to do any turning.

I am glad the lady you room with is so kind and nice. She is very kind to darn your socks and give you little things.

Don't forget to say how good that butter is. Hiram said his wife said it was quite an honor to send her butter to Baltimore. And the two little mince pies is Mrs. Gornal's and she will want to hear how you liked them.

Tell us all the good news, what they thought of your model, and if you gave them a picture of it. If you don't, I will tell Papa to not give you any railroad news.

Mrs. B. says the doctors are not so busy at Cole Camp and they are not doing very much in Sedalia. Well I will close wishing you a bright New Year.…

Your loving Mother