Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/29/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 29, 1908

My Dear Son,

…We were both delightfully surprised in getting a present from you as we did not expect anything. I had a good laugh when I saw the stockings. They are fine but 35 cents per pair is rather much for mine. I like them and appreciate them because of the one who sent them. Papa's ties are fine. He was just tickled over them.… He says he would like to buy you one of those dress suits so as you would not be behind any of them.

Which of the professors invited you? I would have liked you had gone. Did you have a very fine dinner at Dr. Mall's? Is his wife a nice woman?

Polly B. and the mother came up Xmas eve and fetched me a Xmas present. A handkerchief holder. First they had given me in 5 years. They stayed a few minutes then went to the Christian Church. Polly had on her Xmas presents. She got a beautiful gold necklace and pendant and beautiful gold bracelet-the mother's present. The necklace cost $12 and the bracelet $8.75, and she bought her a jewelry box and toilet set brush and comb. These are the things that Polly wanted. She would have liked a diamond ring but she did not get any. Mr. Foraker bought her a handsome gold necklace and pendant. But they were vexed at him for buying jewelry for her. Polly was mad and said she would give it back as he had no business to buy it as she could not wear anything like that from a young man unless she was engaged to him. So she gave it back to him. And he said he would get her a piece of cut glass instead. Papa said if a girl would return anything like that to him he would feel like slapping her.

Foraker goes with her all the time and stays and has supper every Sunday night. The mother came up Sunday evening and stayed till 9 o'clock. She said Foraker would take Polly to church and fetch her home. At supper she said she ought to go home for Polly would be there with Foraker and she would have to get him something to eat.

She says Polly can't wear jewelry from young men. Of course she says it was different, that breast pin and buttons you gave Polly as that was friendship. She says Polly is crazy over that pin you gave her and is afraid of losing it.

Dow sent her a card. Polly sent you one. If you haven't already sent her one I would do it as it would look better. Annie Craven sent me a nice little card. Gornals went to Kansas City, took a box along. Gornal would rather lay off anytime, not work.…

Your loving Mother