Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/26/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 26, 1908

My Dear Boy,

Just got your nice Christmas present and must say that although we never expected or needed anything we truly appreciate them and thank you for your consideration. Mama will use these instead of the witefooted ones and she is going to get me a nice new shirt to display my ties on.

Well I spent a buisy day packing your box, etc., and since then got jacked up often for not putting in knives, forks, etc. and for packing box with poor paper etc. although the boss was superintending the work. So if I get the blame for all the bad things about the box, I surely should get the creadit for the good things. So if the eating and drinking is good you can thank me for it (and not Mama) as I was silent partner in both cases.

Well in regard to the watch I scarcely know how to advise you. It certainly breaks often. I don't think I would spend much more money on it if you could get the price of the case for it. You would do well to sell it. Perhaps it would be best to get what you can for it and I will get me one and let you have your own. I will leave it with you. What you do will just suite me. I can get one like yours for about $32 with 25 year case.…

Well we are anxious waiting an account of your lecture on the embryo etc. And I trust you done as well as on your validictory speach.…

Your affectionate Father

My Dear Son,

…I hope you got your box and that everything was fine and what you wanted. Let me know how everything was how you liked them. Let me know how you liked the oatmeal cookies. I got receipt from Polly. She got it from Minister's wife. She makes them to sell. Dr. Cole says he could make a meal of them, so I thought I would send you some. Papa thinks they are fine.

I hope you will enjoy your holidays and get a rest from hard work. I don't think I would sell the watch for much less than the case cost as I think you could use that case on other works.…

Your loving Mother