Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/14/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 14, 1908

My Dear Son,

…Papa was going up town this morning but he couldn't go till he got your letter, so he went at 10 o'clock to get it of the mailman. He came back rather disappointed at not getting it. Mailman said it had been thrown through mistake to another mail carrier, but he said he met Papa this evening and told him he had your letter and he said Papa was satisfied. He likes to get your letters and hear of something great that you are doing every time you write. He says every week well I wonder what our boy will tell us this week.

The last trip when he was going out he went into George Letts' office and he said George looked blue and melancholy. Papa said I see you are kind of out of sorts or melancholy. I am going to tell you some good news. But he says it is on my side. So he told him how you had carried all the honors in Mo. and you were leading them all the way where you were at and about your model. And when he got through George could hardly keep from weeping.… George said I do feel depressed and I will just tell you what is the matter and you would feel bad if it was you. He says that boy of mine, I don't know what to do with him. He is so careless and is doing no good at school and he says he is mean too. He knows I am particular for him to have good grades and I found out he had been deceiving me. He would go to the teacher and tell her he had lost his card, then she would give him another and he would fix it up to please the father. And he says he had 90 in pretty near all his grades and he said he had been feeling quite pleased over it.

Now he has found out Willis' schemes and he says he doesn't know what to do with him. He would like for him to go to Columbia. He thinks he will take him out for a while and make him work on the rip track.

We went downtown the other day. Called on Mrs. Smith coming back and they just made us stay for supper. Laura took Papa's hat and took mine off and pulled my jacket off. She said she wanted us to see how she could cook supper and she did it all herself and it was a nice supper. Papa says we are sure welcome there.

Then we went to a meeting in the Baptist Church. Papa said he came pretty near pewking with the smell of somebody feet. I was feeling much the same way.

I think Papa will be in Xmas day and next day so I think we had better send your box the 25 or 26. I want you to get all the good things up there before Xmas. Mine will do after. But you must not have 3 meals a day out of what I send you. You must have a good vegetable dinner. Mine will do for the other meals, whatever meal is the best there, have it. Don't try to save a few dollars by eating all your meals out of the box. Get underclothes and everything you need.

We would like to buy you a Xmas present, but we really don't know what you need and if you need anything. You know better than we do what you like.

Mrs. B. has not been here for a long time. She is queer to stay away so long. Papa calls in occasionally. She says Stanley is doing well and making plenty of money. You would think very little of Stanley's doctoring, but the poor ignorant class of people that he treats don't know any better. One family he went to lived in a hovel. When they got up in the morning they all washed in the same water in a bowl, then they threw the water out and made coffee in the same bowl. Stanley had breakfast but did not have any of the coffee. I think this is one of Stanley's excitable yarns.

Did Polly ever send you a card. Miss Stanley passes here pretty near every day. Bard said the party sent word they were going to send you a new charm. The young lady in Bards said she would send it as soon as it came.

Your loving Mother

It must be sad to see so many afflicted people. How thankful we that are well should be. Do you treat them free at the hospital and how do you get them? God bless you and keep you for Christ's sake.