Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/08/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 8, 1908

My Dear Son,

…It rejoices our hearts to hear good news of you. I think it is a great honor to have your name associated with such leading men, and you so young. Dr. Mall has certainly been kind to offer such an honor. I hope you will be able to get it finished. Don't forget to tell us all the good things and anything you don't want Papa to tell just say so. He would make a fine advertiser for you.

The first thing he did today was to take your letter to Mrs. Letts to read. She said to tell you she was proud of you but the letter was too much for her to understand. Then he took it to Battersbys for Polly to read. Polly said he ought to be proud of you. Then he took it to Dr. Morley. Morley thought you are great. He said he heard all about your record in Columbia. He said he took Miss Rhodes driving and she told him you were one of the brightest young men in Columbia, and Miss McGill thought there was nobody like you. He said you ought to be a teacher as he believed you were especially adapted for it and he thinks it far ahead of…surgery or practicing. He says it is going to be the coming part in medicine. He says he could not do it, but he does pretty well in practicing. He has got to be croner [coroner] and some other little office that helps him out.

Then he went to Mrs. Gornal, read it for her and she thought you were doing fine. He came home as pleased as if you had bought him another Silvereen suit.…

I say you did not say whether you received the $50 or not. Be sure and tell us when you write. Papa sent it in the last letter. Strange you did not say if you received it. I expect you have so much on your mind and in such a hurry to get it written you forgot to tell us.

Let us know also if you would rather have your box of chicken after the anatomists leave. I want you to eat it all yourself. They get plenty of good things at there home. I want you to have time to eat it as it will soon go stale. Don't forget to answer this question.

Are you wearing your new suit? And how do you like it? I get butter of Hiram Carter's wife. It is good. I sold 4 dozen eggs today, 30 cents per dozen.

Your loving Mother