Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 1, 1908

My Dear Boy,

…Well, I got my despotic instructions from the little queen of 1323 E. 5th Street that I must write to her boy at once. I am going downtown so don't be disappointed if I don't tell you much.

We have been having lots of rain south and also here. Washouts and high water south. Many places on south end reminds one of going into Galveston. Water on each side for miles.… Had only 8 cars last night and could hardly make the turn. Engine did not steam good account of poor coal. And the same was last trip with 9 cars. Lost 6 minutes from Parsons to Sedalia but just managed to make it to Franklin Junction.

Well I am shy on news but I have some money so will send you $50 which I think will look as good to you as news, and is far more potent factor as purchasing agent.

Say I heard some news the other night that confirms my opinions of you and your Mama's also. I was deadheading to Franklin Junction Thanksgiving night on the excursion train run for the benefit of the Kemper School to play ball at Sedalia. Got in conversation with one of the teachers who came and sat beside me. His name was Powell. He said he graduated at MSU [Missouri State University] when you did or rather should have done but was shy a little in his studies. Had to complete them in the summer. He said I was the father of a bright and promising young man. He said you cleaned up everything in the shape of honors in the MSU. He wished to be remembered to you. He is thinking of getting a position with the government as linguist.

I will send you this week's Appeal. It has a good article in it in reply to a priest. Of course I know you don't have much time to waste on this kind of literature but it looked so good to me I thought you would get a change of ideas that might benefit you.…

Trusting your embryo will look good in its new colors and that your work on it will bring credit to you for many years to come and before it begins to grow dim you will find out something else that will keep you in the world's eye as one of its brightest lights.

Your affectionate Father