Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/16/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 16, 1908

My Dear Son,

…Well Papa has just gone out at 4 P.M. Did not write this time-said to tell you he had to help to wash and other things so you would have to excuse him this time but all he did was to help to wring a pair of pants. He always manages to fish up an excuse. I am afraid you will think I am boss if I insist too much on him writing.…

Saw B.'s downtown. Yesterday we were in Bondi's store and they came in. Foraker was waiting on me and Polly said I wish you could hurry I want to get a silk waist. There was other clerks but I could see she wanted him, so then she went to one of the others. They could not suit her. She came up as I got through. You ought to have seen the sweet looks she gives him. Papa noticed it too. So he told her to come and he would show her some and if he hadn't he would order her one. She wanted a green silk waist. Papa says she try to flare around and show off. I am telling you this because you heard her say she didn't like him. I am very much mistaken if she doesn't like him.

Mrs. B. talked of going to Cole Camp today to see Stanley. Poor woman can't talk of much else but Stanley.…

We are delighted to hear about your work. I would think you would not need to go to N.Y. for Obstetrics. You would get all that is necessary where you are. Nice to know you can get work there if you want it. I hope you get your embryo finished. I want to hear and read what you write up. I think it will give you a great name before those big men. You want Papa to tell you railroading. We want you to tell us about your work and all the compliments you get.

I have 2 suits of overalls to make. I tell Papa that is the last. No more 2 years, one year now.

Soon be Thanksgiving and then Xmas. The little white hen is sitting. Pa has a great time breaking her off sitting. He says he would not take $2 for her.…

Your loving Mother