Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/10/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 10, 1908

My Dear Boy,

…We had 2 wrecks between Franklin Junction and Parsons last week account of broken flanges on car one. As she was coming into Pleasant Green she put 6 or 8 cars all over the passing track and main track.… There is about 10 cars piled all over. Three are nearly out of the right of way. We have to go slow by these places in addition to others so it takes up lots of time. The freight men are still in pool and very short of engines. All the good ones go to Texas. The consequence lots of failures. We got lots of delays last round trip.…

You had the nicest trip we have had for some time. I think it would pay to have you with us all the time. We had 2 young expert machinists from Philadelphia with us about 2 weeks ago. I think they were working for the Big 4. They had passes and permits from O'Herin to ride on Engines. They came and rode with us, one rode from Nevada to Fort Scott, the other from Walnut to Parsons. The engineer riding behind the electric headlights said they don't have them East as they interfere with approaching trains on double track. They had been to Baltimore and considered it a nice town.

Well I was downtown the other day and Mama primped me up and put me on a stick pin that I think is far to nice for me so if she will let me I will send it to you as I don't know anybody that it would look so well on.…

Well I think I had better close and if this don't satisfy both Mama and you as far as quantity is concerned I shall request her for an apropriation for a stenographer as I shall not be able to keep up this lick without laying off and I know she will make many concesions before I would loose $16 for that trip.…

Your affectionate Father