Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/27/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

October 27, 1908

My Dear Boy,

…Mama and I have not quite decided which of us you take after for ability. I upholstered the old lounge yesterday and made a good job of it and she remarked that you must take after me. Of course she helped with the lounge. If we had not done something to it you would have had to sit on it if anyone came in as of yore. I just changed cover end for end.

Well my boy, you must have felt good when you showed what was in you to such good advantage before Dr. Barker and the class. But you did not feel any better over it than we did. If I was not afraid of you working too hard, I would advise you to finish your work on the embryo for Dr. Mall so we could hear of some more glory being added to the best and brightest boy on earth but we are satisfied to wait your own good time.

Well, everything on the railroad is about as usual. Had some good but rather hard runs account of high winds etc. Have been running late for some time account of high water south. Will close and gave place to superior ability (Mama).

Later. Just went through a cyclone of Mama's vengeance after reading my…letter. She says I have not told you half enough especially railroad news, so I guess I will have to tell you something more. Well in regard to the new runs, if they ever go on, don't think it will make much difference with me as some of the runs will be pulled off and others put on.…

I don't think they will make any changes. Awer grevence committe is still in session but not makeing much progress.

Was glad you got to hear Debs.

I lost my fireman Wilson. He got promoted. I have Sell Spendiff now. The freight runs between Franklin and Hannabel is put on again. J.K. Smith got one and T. White got the other.… I think they was in big luck to get them. They will shortly be able to make trades with Eastern men and work out of Sedalia. Or if they change passenger runs as contemplated they will no doubt run freight runs through to Sedalia also. The older Extra men will then feel sore they let them go by.…

Will close with best wishes and highest success of the best boy that ever lived.

Your affectionate Father