Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/01/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. October, 1908

My Dear Son,

…Papa says there is a great deal of talk that they will put another Flyer on the early part of the year. He says he will try to get it. It will be mostly daylight. He would have 2 nights and one day at home and 2 days one night away. I think I would like that better.

Mrs. B. came up Friday evening. I told her we thought of going down on Sunday as Papa would be home, so she told us to come. We went and stayed for supper. We had a nice time.

Mrs. B. and Polly went to Cole Camp. Stanley kept wanting her to go.… She says he would just be satisfied if Polly and her would come down and live there. He would never get married. (He knows how to please his mother.)

She couldn't talk of much besides Stanley and how well he was doing. She says he worried a great deal at Warsaw and she found out lately what it was about. He had so many good jobs offered him he did not know what to do. A young doctor at Warsaw offered him $125 per month to go out and sell his medicine. Then there was another county practice offered him, then he went north to see some other place, I believe she said a hospital, and he found so many of them fast young doctors that to keep up with them it would take all he made. So after a great deal of worrying he concluded he would go to Cole Camp and practice there.

I believe now from what you wrote it would be that girl that caused the worrying. Papa thinks that was a dirty trick to do a girl, but that is just like him. He had better not tell his mother or Polly he is thinking of getting married.

Dr. Kelly told Schwald he was a fool to make a partner of Stanley and give him such consideration. He wants to sell him his practice for $2,000. Stanley thinks he is quite Schwald's equal, but she says they don't think he is. If you hear any more about him and the girl you might let us know.…

How did you get that appointment in N.Y. that ought to be nice for you. I am glad your suit fits fine. I thought there could be improvement over the others. Have you started to wear it? We like to hear of your cases. Is there any cure for that poor boy with a bad lung.

Papa leveled 15th St. lot, sowed grass seed and wheeled some dirt. He got Tomilson to fix the cellar wall.… Hauptly showed Papa the card you sent him. He was tickled about it. She is well pleased with everything. It looks very nice. I would like to live there myself.

Gornal has not worked but one trip since the fair. He says they keep them 6 hours on the road. He said he didn't want to be raw-hided like that. He says they have poor engines and everything is in such poor shape, he hates to go out. He came pretty near running into a train. He had no head light, and he believes they would have fired him if he had hit it. So that has scared him too.…

Papa went over this morning. Jim was helping her to wash. Papa asked him when he was going to work. He said he was going to vote tomorrow a straight Socialist ticket and then he was going to work and work like the Dickens (he is lazy, he looks well and fat). He said he would have to get some one to fix his wall. Papa told him to do it himself.

We have 4 gallons of fine wine best we have had. I gave Mrs. B. some. She said it was fine, best we ever had.…

I don't want to hear of you getting any thinner. You had lost one pound more. I am afraid you are working too hard. Couldn't you get supper at 7 o'clock…. It is a pity you have to hurry like this. Do you get 3 good meals a day? Couldn't you get a good looking house near to school?…

Your loving Mother