Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/12/08

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

October 12, 1908

My Dear Son,

Received your letter this morning, and it is a wonder it reached here as there is no stamp on it. It is a wonder they did not send from Baltimore for a stamp, then we would have been minus your letter today and I would have been sorry, for every word of it was very interesting, and especially when you have so much washing of your hands. When you were born I don't believe Bronson washed his hands at all.

You had quite a busy time of it. Do those patients have to pay, or is it gratis? Let us know if your blue baby lived. It is a wonder they would risk their lives with you young students.

I am glad you got a room for yourself. It is much nicer to be alone. Have you got a nice room?… I am glad you have a good boarding place. Don't you go home for dinner? You say you don't go home for breakfast till supper time. You won't get very fat if you miss meals. Don't neglect having a good dinner. I am glad to hear they are complimenting on your getting fat.…

We went around 15th Street. You made a great improvement. It looks like you must have had lots of good hard work. It looks nice inside.

Mr. Hauptly was asking Papa if we had a letter from you. He said you said you would send him a card telling him how politics were in Baltimore, and if they needed him there he would go to Baltimore. So when you have time drop him a card and tell him all. It would please the old man. She said you worked hard, and that we ought to be proud of you.

We went to the fair on Thursday. There was a big crowd. We got for 50 cts. employee ticket. Papa lost 20 or 30 cts. out of his Silvereens. Just think of it, bran new suit and a big hole in the pocket. He just happened to see the money coming down and put his hand in his pocket and the whole bottom was out of it. If he losses a few times like that he will soon be out the price of a tailor made.

I saw in the window today a tailor made suit for $32. The cloth was not nice. I would like to see you in yours. Let him make it in the very latest and up to date style. Send me a little piece of the goods to see it, as I won't be able to see it on you for sometime.

I have not seen any of B.'s since you went away. Nor any of the English crowd. Papa has just gone. He has been having good runs. Sometimes it is a little hard trying to make up a little time. He likes this fireman better than Wilson.

We have not had chicken since you went away. One of the little ones got run over on the street and broke its thigh, so Papa killed it.…

Aren't you going to have time to finish your model. Too bad if you can't complete it.…

Your loving Mother