Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/31/07

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 31, 1907

My Dear Son,

…I was glad to hear you were not lonesome. If you had come home I expect you would have been on your way back.… The holidays will soon be over, and I will be glad. It seems a long time till we see you, but as I have done in the past I expect to be able to do in the future look forward and hope.

We got your present on Friday. I was surprised that you had sent us anything and more surprised when I saw it was a book. When I began to read and find out its contents I thought it was fine. You could not have sent anything we would have enjoyed more. His lectures to young students are fine. Dr. Osler seems to be a very affectionate fatherly man that has the students' interest at heart. It says for the students to keep their affections in cold storage, etc. He touches on everything in their line of work. I sat up to 11 o'clock one night reading it, and I only wished that you had read it before you sent it. I saw you hadn't for some lines had not been cut. No young student should be without it.…

Jim Dow was here for a little while on Saturday. He is looking well. He is rough like he always was. He said he wrote several times to you but he did not know whether you had got them or not as you never answered them.…

Well you would have laughed if you had been here Xmas morn. Miller came in and Papa brought the bottle out to give him a glass of whiskey. Miller says let me have it, reached for bottle and a glass and poured himself 2 glasses. Then he put his nose on it smelling it. He says John knows I could drink the whole bottle. I was afraid he would be drunk. It did not affect him in the least.

I don't know whether Stanley has gone back or not. We have not been there.

Polly did not get many Xmas presents. You done well at getting presents. Did Miss Stanley send you anything. Have you been rooming and boarding at the same house. I hope you get good meals that you can enjoy as it is essential to health. Are any of the boys leaving the boarding house but you. They must be very poor cooks that can't cook a turkey.

Well we want to hear all about your work when you get started. And if you can find the time to teach in place of the other work would teaching be easier.

Well this is the last day in the old year. It is well to stand still and look back and see the Goodness of God to us all the past year and may it be our earnest prayer and desire to live closer and walk nearer to Him than ever before.

Your loving Mother