Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/26/07

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 26, 1907

My Dear Son,

Was very pleased to hear you made a perfect exam. Nothing could have given us more pleasure this rather lonesome Xmas time. It is a great pleasure to watch your continual progress in your medical work. I look forward to still far greater honors. When you get through we will hear of some splendid work along that line.

Well I believe I felt better than Papa did about you being absent these Xmas times. He says you will have to come home next Xmas. When he was in Parsons he went to the office to see if they thought he could get rates. The clerk told him it was rather late to try to get them for Xmas. Then he said if he had come sooner he would have done all in his power to get them for him. Next time come earlier as he would try and all they could do would be to refuse.

Battersbys came up yesterday for supper. Polly had to go and play at the church so they went away right after supper. Stanley seemed worried about his exams. He has one hard one for January 5th. He said Bob Smith had been to call on them. He is teaching chemistry in Columbia. They say Bob is smart. He sent Polly a book of poems for Xmas present. Polly said she had a card from you. Stanley says it cost him a good deal for street car fare.… He pays $20 per month for 2 meals a day and room. Then he says it takes nearly one dollar every day for street car fare and lunch. He says he had one short letter from you.…

Papa goes out this evening. Sanders met him the other day, wanted to know how he liked the Flyer. Papa said it was a pretty fast run.… It makes a big hole in the check if he lays off a trip, $16.

Well I'm glad you are feeling fine and hope you won't fill up on bananas again. Strange you never tell about your being sick till you have got all right again and then you tell me not to worry. Queer time to worry isn't it when you are all right. I bought bananas and oranges and forgot to put them on the table last night for B.'s and as a result Papa and I can feast on them which will be just as well.

How is it you are taking that work like you used to have with Dr. Jackson. I would think teaching would be nicer and easier work. Have you been doing this work along with teaching? Tell us all about it. Papa has been wanting to know how many more years will you have at Hopkins. Now as you don't have much to do you can tell us everything I ask you and maybe be able to send 2 letters per week. Did you get the ties I sent? How did you like them?

Well I will close hoping to hear as often as you can through the holidays.

Your loving Mother