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Highlights from the 2007 CNS Annual Meeting - San Diego

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2007 CNS Honored Guest - L. Dade Lunsford, MD
2007 CNS Resident SANS Challenge winners.
3rd Annual Integra Lecturer - Yoichi Katayama, MD, PhD
ASAP Mikula CNS Fellowship - Sandi Lam, MD
ASAP Monkton Institute CNS Fellowship - Matthew McGirt, MD
Audience at the 3D Cadaveric Demonstration
CNS / DePuy Clinical Spine Fellowship - Patrick Hsieh, MD
CNS / Synthes Spine Fellowship - Ilya Laufer, MD
CNS Basic/Translational Resident Research Fellowship - Brad Elder, MD
CNS Basic/Translational Resident Research Fellowship - Daniel Orringer, MD
CNS Cushing Fellowship - Vaninder Chhabra, MD
CNS Dandy Fellowship - Isaac Yang, MD
CNS Exceptional and Distinguished Service Award - Rodrick Faccio.
CNS George Ablin International Fellowship - Diana Angius, MD
CNS George Ablin International Fellowship - Sabri Aydin, MD
CNS Lars Leksell International Fellowship - Manish S. Sharma, MD
CNS Michael L.J. Apuzzo Lecturer on Creativity and Innovation - Michael Tilson Thomas
CNS Radiosurgery Fellowship - John H. Shin, MD
CNS Resident Award - Hongyan Jenny Zou, MD
CNS/MGI Pharma Fellowship in Tumor Research Award - Sunit Das, MD
CSNS Resident Award - Todd Cameron Hankinson, MD
Novo Nordisk Award - Brian T. Jankowitz, MD
Ronald Tasker Award - Jonathan P. Miller, MD
Second Annual John Thompson History of Medicine Lecturer - Jack El-Hai
Special Lecturer - Paul R. Sanberg, PhD, DSc
Special Lecturer - Robert D. Ballard, PhD
Special Lecturer - Robert Sapolsky, PhD
Special Lecturer - Steve Squyres, PhD
The AANS/CNS Section Neurotrauma and Critical Care Synthes Award for Resident Research on Spinal Cord and Spinal Column Injury - Darric E. Baty, MD
The AANS/CNS Section on Cerebrovascular Galbraith Award - Laleh Morgan, BSc, MBBS
The AANS/CNS Section on Tumors BrainLab Community Neurosurgery Award - Luciano Mastronardi, MD
The AANS/CNS Section on Tumors Mahaley Clinical Research Award - Randy L. Jensen, MD
The AANS/CNS Section on Tumors Synthes Skull Base Award - Manish K. Aghi
The AANS/CNS Section Tumors Integra Foundation Award - Martin A. Baggenstos, MD
The Fourth Annual Founders' Laurel - Tetsuo Kanno
Tumor ATBA Young Investigator Award - Jose E. Valerio, MD
Walter E. Dandy Orator - Salman Rushdie