Our philanthropic initiatives depend upon your financial support. By becoming a donor to the CNS Foundation, you are joining a philanthropic community with a mission to improve worldwide patient health through the following meaningful initiatives:

The CNS Foundation Mission Advancement Fund

Donations to the Mission Advancement Fund will be used at the Board’s discretion, for the fulfillment of the Mission and for the most urgent need. The Foundation’s philanthropic mission is to improve worldwide patient health by supporting innovative programs that allow neurosurgeons to collaborate globally as researchers, learners, educators, and caregivers.

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International Philanthropy Initiative

The CNS Foundation funds observerships to allow young surgeons from overseas to visit American institutions for mentorship and extended learning opportunities.

The CNS Foundation is in pursuit of innovative, capacity-building solutions that will positively impact surgical teams around the world, especially in areas of the world with high need.

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CNS Guidelines Development Initiative

The CNS Foundation proudly supports the ongoing development of new, high quality, evidence-based CNS Guidelines, recognized as a critical tool to confront a rapidly changing health care environment. Donations may be purposed either for the development of a specific guideline, or toward the general funding of new guideline projects.

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Innovative Clinical Research Initiative

One of the most prestigious research awards available in neurosurgery, the NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar K12 Award provides funding in support of early career neurosurgeon-scientists to promote high quality, novel, creative research and innovative investigation. Unique to this celebrated award is the surgeon’s opportunity to complete research at their home institution for two consecutive years.

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