Donations & Funds

Our ongoing projects depend on the financial support of donors. You can contribute to help ensure the high quality of our programs and services for years to come.  

CNS Foundation General Fund

Your donation to the CNS Foundation General Fund goes to the area of greatest need. The foundation’s board of directors evaluates all grant requests and selects those with the greatest impact on neurosurgical care.
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Guidelines Development Fund

Our guidelines development efforts are aimed at improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare, while preserving patient access to quality care. This fund supports:

  • Publication and dissemination of neurosurgical practice guidelines
  • Education of aspiring neurosurgical leaders in the development of practice guidelines
  • Maintenance of a list of qualified neurosurgeons to develop future guidelines

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International Education Fund

We are committed to international collaboration and scientific exchange to improve patient care and outcomes worldwide. This fund supports:

  • Dissemination of our educational programs and products to neurosurgeons in developing countries
  • Development of symposia and webinars to engage global collaboration
  • Travel grants to allow international neurosurgeons and residents to attend educational programs in the United States.

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NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar K12 Award

The NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar K12 Award provides two years of funding in support of early career neurosurgeon-scientists to promote high quality, novel, creative research and innovative investigation. The award promotes high quality, novel, creative research, and innovative investigation for early career neurosurgeon-scientists.

Donate to the NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar K12 Award