2019 CNS Foundation Honorees

Use your 2019 gift to thank a special person in neurosurgery, by making them a 2019 Foundation Honoree. By doing so, you will both become part of our philanthropic community.

It is easy to make someone feel special. When you make your donation, type their name in the “Tribute” text box of the donation page.

  • We will send them a special note notifying them of your thoughtfulness and tribute.
  • All 2019 Foundation Honorees will be honored at the 2019 CNS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
  • As a donor, you also will be honored. We will add your name to our Foundation Donors list, and include you in Donor celebrations at the 2019 CNS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

If you have already made your 2019 donation (thank you!) and would like to honor someone, please contact Courtney Johnson, Manager of the CNS Foundation, directly. She may be reached at Foundation@CNS.org.

Make someone in neurosurgery feel specialdonate today!