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Advancing Neurosurgery

CNS Foundation

The CNS Foundation exists to equip and prepare neurosurgeons to advance innovation, quality and accessibility of neurosurgical care, now and in the future.

To achieve this mission, the CNS Foundation supports critical research, training, and practice opportunities that advance understanding and treatment of neurosurgical patients, improve the delivery of neurosurgical care, evaluate the efficacy of neurosurgical treatments, and empower neurosurgical leaders to lead interdisciplinary teams in the delivery of quality care.

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Message from the President
Dear Colleague,
Thank you for your interest in the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Foundation. The CNS Foundation was created in 2013, when leaders from the CNS recognized a need to expand education for neurosurgeons worldwide as well as to create and disseminate evidence-based clinical guidelines that protect access to neurosurgical care right here in the United States. Through these critical initiatives, the CNS Foundation will help achieve our mission of enhancing health worldwide through education and scientific exchange.

The foundation board of directors and I are committed to building the CNS Foundation and supporting those initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving neurosurgical care and thus enriching the lives of patients and families at home and around the world.

Together, we can have a tremendous impact. Please join us in this work!

With warm personal regards,

Elad I. Levy
Chairman, CNS Foundation
Thank You

The CNS thanks our contributors to the CNS Foundation. Your donation is vital to bringing about needed change to improving neurosurgical healthcare quality.